Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

10 Ideal Christmas Gifts for Young Boys 5 to 10 Years of Age

Purchasing Christmas gifts for boys, ages 5 to 10 years old, is an overwhelming task for parents, grandparents or for anyone to do for that fact. Luckily, if you are one who needs to clear the confusion, you have come to the right website as we have a list of 10 ideal Christmas gifts for young boys in this age group in the following information. We also explain 5 unfavorable choices.

    List of 10 Top Choices
  • 1. Nerf N-Sports Weather Blitz All Conditions Football - This football is sturdy enough to use outdoors in sunny, rainy, muddy and even snowy conditions. Manufacturer recommends this football for ages 5 years and older.
  • 2. Doinkit Darts - This dart game is ideal for boys 5 to 10 years of age to develop eye-hand coordination. The darts are magnetic instead of pointed tips like traditional darts. For this reason, Doinkit Darts are safer for kids to throw. The set is durable and difficult to tear up, and the darts are flexible. This selection includes 1 dartboard and 6 darts. Manufacturer recommends Doinkit Darts for ages 6 to 15 years.
  • 3. Connect 4 Game - This game has long been part of a top list of Christmas gift ideas for young boys. Point of the game is to get 4 red or yellow discs in a row. Game includes 1 grid, slider bar, 2 legs, 21 yellow discs, 21 red discs and playing directions. Manufacturer recommends this choice for ages 6 years and older.
  • 4. Twister Game - This game presents a coordination challenge by making a boy place his feet and hands on different colors of the circles on the mat. It is difficult for the player to remain standing at times. The last player to remain standing is the one who wins the game. Manufacturer recommends this game for ages 6 years and older.
  • 5. Crayola Air Dry Clay, 5-Pound Bucket in White - This white clay is an excellent Christmas gift for a young boy with a creative nature. No heat is necessary to harden this clay. It is less sticky, finer and smoother than traditional modeling clay. A boy only needs to dampen it to keep it soft for shaping. Then, it dries just sitting out in the air. Highly paintable surface when dry with acrylic, watercolor or tempera paints.
  • 6. Spirograph Deluxe Design Set - Spirograph provides interlocking wheels and gears to help any young, creative boy a way to draw unique, spiral designs. This set includes 45 pieces including 19 wheels, 1 rack, 2 rings, 3 pens, spiro-putty, design paper, guidebook and a storage case. Manufacturer recommends this toy for ages 8 to 15 years.
  • 7. Jenga Classic Game - Jenga provides hours of fun for boys with their friends or family members. It involves not only stacking blocks into a certain configuration to create a tower, but also seeing who can pull the blocks out without the tower collapsing. This comes with 54 hardwood blocks. Manufacturer recommends this game for ages 8 years and older.
  • 8. Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Kit - This kit has enough parts for the boy on your list to build 100+ projects dealing with electronics. The kit contains over 30 parts that snap into place plus an illustrated manual. A manual also is available online. Projects include such exciting things as a doorbell, burglar alarm and more. Manufacturer recommends this toy for ages 8 to 15 years.
  • 9. OWI 14-in1 Solar Robot - This toy teaches a boy about solar power while he has fun transforming the robot into 14 different modes. It is eco-friendly since it uses no batteries. Whether the boy is a beginner or expert robot builder, he will find this robot engaging. Manufacturer recommends the robot for ages 8 to 15 years.
  • 10. LEGO Minecraft, Micro World 21102 - Minecraft is one of the most popular video games with young boys today. This LEGO selection includes characters and scenes from the game. Building with LEGO products allows boys to play creatively. Manufacturer recommends this for ages 10 to 15 years of age.
    List of Gifts to Avoid Giving
  • 1. Kid Galaxy RC Bump 'n Chuck Bumper Cars - These cars have mixed reviews online. May present problems.
  • 2. Ugglys Pug Electronic Pet Dog - Plays 30+ unpleasant noises. Waste of a boy's time and he may form unfavorable behavior.
  • 3. 4M Tin Can Robot - It is fragile and difficult to build.
  • 4. Zing Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow - Poor quality toy for boys 8 years or older and will break easily.
  • 5. Be Amazing Toys Big Bag of Science - This is not a science kit. It is a toy and comes with confusing directions.

Keep in mind our top 10 list of Christmas gifts for young boys 5 to 10 years of age as you go shopping this holiday season. However, also take note of the 5 we recommend that you avoid giving. This way you will satisfy any of the boys in this age you give presents to for Christmas.