Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad 2014

Good Christmas Gifts for Dad 2014

Chances are your father routinely goes above and beyond for you and because of this, you'll want to give him a gift he'll cherish all year round. When you are looking over the options you have it will be important to remember the best Christmas gifts for dad will be those that are most useful in his regular routine. That means you need to take a moment to think about him as you come up with some of the most useful Christmas gifts for father.

Gift Idea # 1: Tools

Tools are the most common item fathers are routinely given over the Christmas season. With all of the do it yourself projects over the course of the year, you'll want to be sure he is prepared for them. Take a few minutes to look through his toolbox and add items to your shopping list your father can use and may not already have. That will make them the most useful Christmas gifts for father as he puts them to good use.

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Gift Idea # 2: Fishing Gear

There's a good chance your father likes to spend some time out on the lake fishing. With that in mind, the best Christmas gifts for Dad may include fishing gear. This can be as simple as lures or as extravagant as a new boat or a new pole. Keep your budget in mind and explore all the different options you have for fishing gear.

Gift Idea # 3: Clothing

Chances are the only time dad buys his own clothes is when he absolutely has to. Save him some time and pick up some clothing he will wear over the year. Think about his unique sense of style and try to incorporate that into the gifts you give him so there is an even better chance of him wearing it.

Gift Idea # 4: Guns and Ammo Related Gear

Some fathers appreciate target practice and hunting. They have the guns, they have the ammo. But the scope they always wanted was just a bit too pricey or they cant make it the store and get the new sling that was just released. Make sure you know your stuff before purchasing the more complicated accessories but be sure he will love it if you do.

Gift Idea # 5: Hunting Knives

This ties again into the fact that your father most likely hunts. If he does, he will need to have a knife on hand he can use to clean the animals he has bagged. As one of the more useful Christmas gifts for fathers, you will find he can also use this knife for cleaning fish. This makes it a tool that will get considerable amounts of use over the course of the year.

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Gift Idea # 6: Sport Team Memorabilia

Many men around the world follow sports teams. If your father is one of them, there is a good chance he has a favorite team he can't get enough of. With that in mind, make sure you take the time to gather up some items from the team shop like a jersey or even a jacket and give him a gift he'll love.

Gift Idea # 7: Electronics

Chances are if you sit some technology in front of dad, he will be in heaven. Consider giving him a new iPod, a tablet or some other gadget that he can get lost in exploring. Chances are he will be more than appreciative of whatever gift you give him and you'll see him tinkering and using it over the course of the year.

Gift Idea # 8: Cologne

Cologne and after-shave are practical gifts you know your father will use. These are items that he likely won't think of picking up on his own but when they are around, he will make good use of them. Consider getting a gift package that comes out around the holidays to make certain he has something he can enjoy over the course of an entire year.

Gift Idea # 9: Watches

A watch can be a practical choice for your father. This watch will enable him to keep track of time when he is on the go and it will give him a prestigious appearance. With plenty of unique watch styles available, it will be fairly easy for you to find the perfect gift for dad.

Gift Idea # 10: Instant Coffee Makers

Coffee drinkers know how great the instant coffee makers are. With the push of a button, a fresh cup of coffee is at your fingertips. This is a great way to avoid burned coffee and to make sure everyone in the home has a cup that is perfect for them. When looking at the best Christmas gifts for dad, you'll likely find this is one option he is sure to love.

Looking around, you'll find there are plenty of useful Christmas gifts for fathers. It will be up to you to find that perfect gift and match it to the personality of your father. While exploring though, there are some gifts that should be avoided.

  • Gag gifts designed to be the only gift for him.
  • Lotions or creams.
  • Impersonal gifts that are usually given to people you don't know well.
  • Any item that would go against his core beliefs.
  • Any gift that would make the average person uncomfortable to receive.

With all of this in mind, you'll find coming up with the best Christmas gifts for dad won't be too hard to do.