Christmas Gift Ideas for Tween Boys

Christmas 2014 for Tween Boys

Are you looking for hints about what to give a boy tween for Christmas? The following are popular ideas for this year.

Ten Terrific Tangible Christmas Gifts for Tween Boys

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  • Hasbro continues to make a hit with Christmas gifts for tween boys by offering the original game of Connect 4 for holiday giving 2014. It's a terrific way to separate your child from the computer and play a game at the table with a friend. Each player chooses from red or yellow discs to start the fun. The goal is to get 4 discs in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally before the other player completes the pattern. Discs are dropped from the top to break the other person's pattern and enhance yours. The set includes instructions, a grid, 21 each yellow and red discs, and a slider bar.

  • Make a special tween's eyes sparkle when you gift the LEGO Minecraft The Village 21105. This micro-scale LEGO model includes Villager, Pig, and the Zombie buildable Micromob figures. One of the newest biomes in Minecraft's micro-world, The Village can be split into 4 sections to add variety to the game experience.  Wall elements included for explosion effects are removable.

  • Christmas gift ideas for tween boys include the Spirograph Deluxe Design Set. Remember the fun you had releasing your inner artist as a tween? The magic is still there in this 45-piece deluxe set with 19 wheels, 1 rack, spiro-putty, 2 rings, designer paper, 3 pens, and a guide book. The carry-along storage case makes it convenient to carry along for long trips.

  • Hot Wheels are hotter than ever and this 9-Car Gift Pack will be one of the best gifts under the tree. Pickup trucks and fast cars are part of the treat; another part of the excitement is the exclusive decoration car in each pack. Add a pack or two of track and let the races begin.

  • He's not quite ready for a professional set of Ludwigs, but your tween can practice on Ludwig Junior Outfit Drum Set. A junior throne, hi-hat stands and cymbal, and a drum set with tunable heads will encourage the budding musician to get plenty of practice. Accompanying favorite songs or writing new ones embellished by an original beat are two ways for having serious fun.

  • LEGO Creator 31013 Red Thunder  Not one, not two, but three possibilities are in this model from LEGO. The Red Thunder helicopter has main and tail rotors that spin and impressive engine detail. Take it apart to build a racing boat or biplane.  It's fun to assemble, play with, or set on the shelf for display.

  • Add excitement to his sense of adventure with the Transformers Age of Extinction Chomp and Stomp Grimlock Figure. When thinking about Christmas gifts for Tween boys, this 20-inch robot stands above the challengers. Grimlock transforms to a dinosaur with light-up eyes and a chomping jaw. Pop-out weapons and a sword add action. An Optimus Prime figure stands on the back to activate the sounds, lights, and pop-out weapons. Batteries included.

  • Build A Toolset - Forget the plastic pretend toys. Start your tween boy on a path to the art of working with tools. A small claw hammer, tack hammer, adjustable wrench, pliers, and convertible screwdriver set in an easy-to-carry toolbox let him learn at your side without stripping out or chipping your best sets.

  • A list of 10 great Christmas gift ideas for tween boys would be lacking without suggesting the Kindle Fire HDX 7" tablet. Wi-Fi, a quad-core processor, and more than 100,000 games and apps for sale or free. Full color, a powerful battery, and Dolby Digital Plus audio are just some of the features that will put this gift into the "used daily" category.

  • Make his day with a Razor Ground Force Drifter Go-Kart. Designed for the responsible tween, this flashy electric Kart is designed for racing fun. A maximum speed of 12 mph is provided by the high torque chain driven motor. This long-lasting gift has a steel frame, rear brakes, and a bucket seat with straps and belts for safety. The charging time of 12 hours provides up to 40 minutes of continuous use.  A properly-fitting helmet is a fantastic after Christmas gift.

Five Hints of What NOT to Give Boy Tweens for Christmas

  • Your tween is at the age of mood swings. Just because he likes the idea of a temporary tattoo today doesn't mean it will sound good tomorrow. Pass by the box of removable ink tattoos.
  • Cutesy shirts will likely end up at the bottom of the closet. "Mom Loves Me Best" tees are perfect only for infants and toddlers that can't protest the design.
  • Never give a set of DVDs. Today's hit is often tomorrow's forgotten feature.
  • Do not give exercise sets, which may send the wrong message to your tween.
  • Stockings and underwear are fine to put in the holiday stocking, but don't make them an under-the-tree gift.

Tween age boys are typically considered to be 9 through 11 years of age. The majority of their friends are boys who enjoy doing the same things, including sports, hanging out at fast food restaurants, and adding flashy decals and accessories to their skateboards and bikes.

You may spend hours searching for a wonderful gift that brings a lukewarm or uncaring response. Recognize that the lack of interest is only because you aren't part of your child's peers and has nothing to do with the present itself. If friends get a similar item, chances are good your child may show more interest and acknowledgement.