Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriends

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Girlfriend

Your girlfriend is someone who is special to you. You want to do all you can to bring a smile to her face and give her that perfect gift. But what is the best Christmas for girlfriend this year? There are 10 unique gift ideas you can take advantage of and fine tune to become the perfect gift for her.

Gift Idea # 1: Jewelry

Nothing says you love her quite like a piece of jewelry. A smart and classy gift, you can give her a piece that will bring a smile to her face. You just need to be careful when you are doing this. Rings send mixed messages so it is best to avoid them at all costs unless you have the intention for the ring to mean something more. If she is expecting a proposal, you need to be careful and not get her hopes up with a tiny jewelry box. Instead, focus on necklaces and other items that have a larger box.

Gift Idea # 2: Perfume

There’s a very good chance your girlfriend is a fan of perfume. With that in mind, one of the special Christmas present for girlfriends ideas you can take advantage of is perfume. Take her through the local department store and sample scents with her and find one she loves. Later on, you can go back and pick up a bottle of the perfect scent. She’ll not only love the gift, but it will most likely become one she will cherish each time she puts it on to spend time with you.

Gift Idea # 3: Clothing

Knowing her sense of style, you can take advantage of bringing a smile to her face and give her what some will consider the best Christmas gift for Girlfriend. That will be a stylish look. All you need to do is determine what size she wears and then look for clothes that are in styles you know she likes. This is a great way to show her that you know her and it is something she will cherish.

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Gift Idea # 4: Cosmetics

While it might not seem like the most appropriate gift in the world, you’ll be surprised to find out just how much she spends on cosmetics each year. To make sure this becomes a special Christmas present for girlfriends and not a jerk gift, build a basket of all her favorite products and include a note mentioning that you don’t know why she feels a need to use them, but you wanted to give her something you know she would use.

Gift Idea # 5: A Vacation

The best Christmas gift for girlfriend might be a trip to a place she has always wanted to visit. This could be a trip to New York to experience a Broadway play, a gambling extravaganza in Las Vegas or sunning on the beaches of California. Just wait to book the tickets until she has a chance to determine the time she can take off from work to enjoy the vacation.

Gift Idea # 6: The DVD Box Set

There is a very good chance she has an all-time favorite television series but may not have the DVD collection of it. Take the time to purchase the box set and then watch it with her. This can be the best Christmas gift for girlfriend as it shows you know her and you are willing to do the things she enjoys also.

Gift Idea # 7: Music

By now, you should have a feeling for the things she likes. Because of this, you’ll want to take the time to pick up some albums she will like or gather a collection of songs and gift them to her on iTunes Christmas morning. That way, she will have plenty of new music to cherish and it will show her how much you care. You can even designate one as your song and it could become something that will make her smile every time it comes on the radio.

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Gift Idea # 8: Tablet Device

Tablets are always increasing in popularity and they could make the best Christmas gift for girlfriend. Imagine the smile that will cross her face when she receives this perfect gift. Whether you are picking up a Kindle Fire HD, iPad Air or even a Galaxy, you can anticipate her appreciating the gift and it will become a gift she will cherish for years to come.

Gift Idea # 9: The Day Spa

Massages and beauty treatments are often a highlight in a stressful life. When you give your girlfriend the gift of the spa, she will be truly appreciative. This can help her feel clean, relaxed and appreciative as all the stress in her life melts away.

Gift Idea # 10: Proposal

If you are at the point you want to get married to her, make this a Christmas she will remember. Purchase her a top-notch ring and pack it in 10 individually wrapped boxes. Have her take her time opening each gift until she finally gets the to the last empty box. Then tell her there is one more and reach into your pocket and offer her a ring.

With a little effort on your part, it is possible to come up with a special Christmas gift for girlfriends that will be remembered, just make sure you are avoiding the 5 worst gift ideas.

  • Cleaning products or appliances
  • Diet supplements or exercise equipment
  • Gifts that are obviously for your interests
  • Impersonal gift cards such as a generic visa gift card.
  • Gifts you wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing with your own mother.

Now is the best time to gather up the possible Christmas gifts for her. That way, you won’t be rushed on Christmas Eve trying to find a Christmas gift at the last minute.